10 Reasons To Buy Wooden Toys For Your Kids


When visiting a toy store, online or brick and mortar, it’s often immediately clear that majority of the toys are made from plastic. As a parent, you might be wondering why this is the case and whether it’s important that your children have toys in a range of different materials to play with. At Creative Play Resources, we believe that wooden toys are some of the greatest types of kids toys. We’ve listed ten of the reasons we think you should purchase wooden toys for your children.

1. Wooden toys are very durable.

Some plastic toys may get damaged quickly in the hands of child, however wooden toys are generally more long lasting and durable. Not only does this mean your child will get maximum use our of the toys, but they may be in a suitable condition for resale once your child grows older.

2. Wooden toys are safe for your children to play with.

When art and craft materials are manufactured professionally, wooden toys are very safe for children. They are also often safe for babies in their teeth and gums. The rounded edges and lightweight nature of wooden toys means they are not dangerous for your kids to engage with.

3. It’s good to have a variety of different toys for your kids.

Other toys, games and puzzles you might like to use with your children include oil pastels, little brian, and people paint.

4. There’s a great range of wooden toys online.

At Creative Play Resources, we have a great range of wooden toys and educational resources. Some of our most popular wooden toys include our jumbo counting trays, Car Playing Set and Wooden Balls Set.

5. Wooden toys are fantastic educational toys.

If you are looking for educational supplies for your children, you should consider wooden toys. Their simple aesthetic and smooth feel will help your children engage in learning and find enjoyment in education. We highly recommend our Word Building Kit and 2 Tone Number Set for pre-schoolers.

6. Wooden toys are better for the environment.

There are millions of tonnes of plastic waste generated every year across the globe, so purchasing wooden toys will help to reduce this waste.

7. Wooden toys encourage creativity and thoughtful play.

Many plastic toys are highly developed visually and even come with their own automatic sounds and movements. Wooden toys are much simpler, which will encourage your child to imagine their own sounds and movements for the toys.

8. Some wooden toys may be cheaper.

If your family is financially conscious, you may prefer wooden toys. Considering they can last much longer than plastic toys, they are often cheaper in the long run.

9. Wood is highly adaptable if you have a handy man in the house.

Wood can be cut, painted on, drawn on, and screwed into other pieces of wood. If you don’t wish to purchase new toys every year, you can adapt and rework your existing wooden toys into new educational toys.

10. Wooden toys will look better in your home.

Even if you encourage your children to pack away their toys, there is often always one or two that get left behind. Thankfully, the simple and modern aesthetic of wood means the toys won’t contrast against the mood of your home.