What are the benefits of Art & Craft experiences for children?


1. Art & craft encourages self expression.

When it comes to art and craft, there is no right or wrong answer. Therefore, your child can express themselves freely! Engaging in art and craft activities is critical to allow children the opportunity to use their imagination and explore their creativity. It enables all children to confidently express themselves through creative arts. As a parent, you’ll be amazed at what your children can create when given some oil pastels, educational supplies, water colour paints, little brian paint sticks, or other art & craft materials.

2. Play helps children develop their fine motor skills.

When young children engage with tools such as paint, oil pastels and other sensory hands on experiences, they will naturally enhance their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Improving manual dexterity is an important element for your child, which supports the development of holding a pencil correctly. Hence, you should never underestimate the value in art and craft and sensory experiences.

3. Art permits exploration and expansion of creativity and imagination.

It’s important that children have a platform to express their creativity and let their imaginative juices flow. Art activities help your child engage the creative parts of their brain and learn new ways of thinking and doing by experimenting with materials. It’s an affordable, scientifically proven and traditional way to boost creativity.

4. Craft activities can create a sense of exploration and risk taking.

There is no right or wrong answer when engaging in art and craft experiences, which means it can give your child a positive feeling of experimenting with different materials. It is not about the final product, but the process of learning that takes place as children learn to take risks, explore new textures and develop their fine motor skills.

5. Art and Craft experiences offer literacy and numeracy skills.

When children are engaged in art and craft experiences they are encouraged to talk about their creation to extend and scaffold their literacy development and communication skills. Early numeracy concepts can also be explored as children learn to identify and recognise shapes and colours and count objects. It also encourages problem solving and critical thinking skills which are vital for 21st century learning. To access the most current and engaging art and craft materials, browse Creative Play Resources and uncover our large range of high quality educational resources, kids toys Sydney and tools.